10 Tips for Longevity, Safety & Functionality of Garages

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Garages are extremely useful spaces that add practicality and value to your home. While a good quality garage will need little maintenance, regular cleaning and some extra TLC can be useful to ensure you get the most out of your garage and avoid costly repairs. 

Your entire garage should be assessed and repaired, if needed, on a seasonal basis to ensure this remains an attractive and functional space that continues serving you for years to come. 

Importance Of A Maintained Garage

Keeping your garage in good condition is important in order to ensure the functionality, safety, and longevity of the space. Regular maintenance will allow you to preserve security and therefore protect valuables, prevent greater repairs, preserve property value, prevent infestations, enhance energy efficiency and more. 

Regular attention to your garage can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Learn more about the ways to keep your garage looking and operating well. 

10 Tips For Garage Maintenance

Regularly clean & declutter

A thorough clean out to sort through any clutter and dispose of items you no longer need will assist in keeping the space organised. While the space is empty or items are off shelves, this is also a good time to give the area a sweep or dust. 

Door maintenance

The door is a vital element of the garage, crucial in allowing access to the space. Regular inspection is recommended to avoid issues, and should include checking for wear and tear, rust, misalignment, noise while operating, and replacing remote batteries. Regular inspection will assist in noticing problems early on to avoid worsening or costly repairs later down the track. 

Assess windows

Garage windows should be well-kept to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garage, maintain energy efficiency and preserve functionality. Windows should be cleaned around twice a year with a soft cloth and mild soapy water solution. 

Keep gutters clear

If your garage has gutters to redirect rainwater away from the structure, these should be inspected regularly. This is especially important before the rainy season. Cleaning them out will prevent water accumulation, which in turn prevents water damage and the growth of mould.

Check weatherproofing

It is important to check walls, windows and doors for any gaps or cracks as it is through these that pests may enter, as well as moisture or drafts which can decrease energy efficiency. If any gaps are found around windows and doors, you may use weatherstripping and sealant to seal them. For larger cracks in the walls or floor, professional repairs may be required. 

Flooring maintenance

From vehicle traffic to spills, the garage floor can take a lot of wear and tear. Regularly checking floors for cracks, oil stains, or other damage will ensure marks are easier to clean and maintain good condition of the flooring for longer. 

Inspect electrical systems

If your garage has electrical components such as outlets, lights or appliances, these should be inspected regularly for wear and damage to prevent electrical hazards and simply ensure everything is operating well. 

Organise storage

A well-organised space will enhance functionality and simplify maintenance. Avoiding clutter will allow you to quickly identify and access any items you may need. It is a good idea to invest in storage items such as shelves, cabinets or hooks. Storage containers can also be labelled for easy identification.

Install emergency items 

A fire extinguisher or a first aid kit may be kept in an easily accessible area of the space in order to prepare for potential emergencies and prevent accidents from escalating. It is important to prioritise safety and familiarise yourself and other home inhabitants on the whereabouts and method of operation of these items. 

Remove pests

Garages may be attractive to pests as a place of shelter. If your space is made up of exposed framing and rafters, this can be especially appealing to the likes of bees or termites. If possums or other critters are found, it is important to work out where they entered from and repair this gap.  


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