Build Process

Our usual project turnaround is around 8 weeks, assuming the only permit required is a building permit. We allow 2 weeks for building permit approval. Once approved we order material for the job and give the concreter the go ahead to commence works. We expect the concreter to have works completed within 3 weeks of being giving the job, with preference of having the slab down prior to the shed being built. Stramit (our steel supplier) delivers the shed material to site approximately 4 weeks after being ordered. We have a dedicated on-road representative that will attend your site for kit check-off, quantities and for any damaged material, whilst also delivering any additional items. These can include windows, roller doors, screw/bolts and insulation. Once all material is onsite, the builder will be engaged to commence works. The expectation is that this will be completed within 2 weeks for most domestic sized buildings (subject to weather conditions). Where your project includes other items, such as additional permits or electrical/plumbing works, this will add time to our expected 8 week completion.

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