Permit Process

Obtaining permits can sometimes be a daunting and time consuming process. Melbourne Garages stand out from other shed builders/distributors by offering your assistance for all permit applications required for your project.  In almost all cases, this can reduce the need for clients to go to various different agents which can attract substantial additional costs.

For your project you may need some or all of the following approvals:

  • Planning Permit
  • Flood overlay approval
  • Build Over Easement Permit
  • Council Report & Consent to allow for dispensation
  • Building Permit 


Drafting – One stand out inclusion in our service is having an experienced draftsman on our team. This ensures that plans submitted for permit applications are to the correct standard and can be completed in house most of the time.

There is much more to getting a shed installed than you may think. The shed is the easy part most of the time! Before a shed can be constructed or even designed, we need to understand the site and design the building accordingly. There may be covenants, overlays or environmental aspects to adhere to, which can affect the design or location of the proposed building.

Below are some of the guidelines you may need to consider for your project.









The permit process – in more detail

  • Planning permits
    Some properties have ‘overlays’ on them, that have restrictions on builds or general requirements you must meet. Where these conditions cannot be met, an application for a Planning Permit may be required. We liaise directly with the planner during this process to ensure the best possible outcome.
    Where a planning permit is required – this takes an average of four months with council
  • Build Over Easement
    Building over an easement is possible depending on the structure, what is located in the easement and footing requirements. Most times two approvals are required, one from local council and one from your local water authority. We can undertake both applications required for this process.
  • Council report & consent to vary standard siting requirements
    There are a number of factors that attract the need for a report and consent – this can be building height, height on boundary, minimum street setback, and so forth.
  • Consent to build on flood prone land
    Some properties fall under the ‘Flood prone land’ overlay or have ‘Land subject to inundation’ overlays on the property. The Melbourne Garages team in most cases, can assist with taking levels for this application or can otherwise recommend contacts where required. It is important to note that even properties located on a sloping block may still be subject to ‘Flood prone land’.
  • VicSmart Applications
    In some circumstances – a VicSmart Application may be possible for your project to save time through the Planning Permit process. It is important to note that only a select few projects may be possible for this option.

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