Buying Options

We value that every client has different needs and expectations of outcomes – therefore we have designed tailor made services for you to choose from.


Let the Melbourne Garages team take the hassle away from being an Owner Builder

  • Melbourne Garages provide; necessary permits, supervision of building works, stormwater connections, rubbish removal, domestic building insurance (only where the project cost exceeds $16,000) and onsite meetings throughout the process to ensure we are meeting your expectations and to keep you up to date with progress.
  • Full Process – from permit application/s through to the final inspection.
  • Peace of mind of having a registered builder managing every facet of the project, complete with relevant certifications and cover for all required insurances.
  • Domestic Building Contract applies and we are bound by the conditions with clearly set amounts for payment structure. The contract only allows certain changes to the contract terms which may involve additional cost.
  • We will quote the project specifically to your requirements after a site inspection.


This is the industry standard for quoting sheds, whereby you take on the project as an “owner builder”.  This option provides significant cost savings over the Platinum Service and gives you the opportunity to do part of the required work yourself.  As the owner builder, you manage the project but we are always here to assist if needed.

  • We offer a quote that includes the building, permits, and concrete and construction fees so you can be sure the project fits your budget before you start.
  • We assist you in preparing the required permit applications and submit the paperwork for your building permit to the appropriate building surveyor.
  • We provide a quote on behalf of the contractors who will complete the concrete and erection works. You engage our recommended contractors to work directly for you and they complete their area of the project.
  • We supply the complete shed kit to your site.
  • Once your shed kit is ordered, your details are passed on to the tradesmen who will contact you directly to discuss the project.  Our tradesmen are licensed and insured and adhere to our policies for high standards of workmanship and safety.
  • On completion of the tradesmen’s work, you will be responsible for the stormwater connection, arranging any electrical work you require, rubbish removal and organising the final inspection.

A couple of things you need to be aware of are:

  • To become an Owner Builder – you are now required (as of 1st September) to complete the following:
    • Successful completion of an Online Assessment
    • Obtaining a White Card
    • Completing an Application to become an Owner Builder.

We encourage you to determine if this service is suitable to you by looking at the VBA online assessment.

  • Any building project which is constructed by an owner builder and where the property is subsequently sold within 6 ½ years of completion of the project will require:
  1. Where the total cost of the project was under $16,000, a building report prior to sale.
  1. Where the total cost of the project was above $16,000, a building report and owner builder’s “Home Warranty Insurance” for the remainder of the 6 ½ year period. This is a requirement under Section 137B of the Building Act 1993. See page 2 for more general information.

For projects in excess of $16,000 you will also need to apply for an Owner Builder’s Certificate of Consent issued by the Building Practitioners Board to submit with the building permit application.


We will organise the complete kit to be delivered in full to your site. A set of instructions for your type of building, engineering & form 1507 are provided as well as a link to the YouTube installation video.

We can also provide you with a building permit where required.

The kit will be covered by the specific manufacturer’s warranties.


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