Design Your Own Shed

Melbourne’s Most Trusted Supplier of Custom Built Sheds

Design your own shed! Many people make the mistake of buying a shed based on an off-the-shelf design, or straight out of a catalogue because they believe it will be cheaper than designing their own. The competition for your dollar in the shed industry means that it is usually just as cost effective to go into a shed dealership and design the shed to suit your specific needs.

Melbourne Garages are located in Hastings, and are conveniently situated to provide our “design your own shed” service throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Specified to your needs

As long as you stick to a few simple parameters such as maximum bay sizes, your custom shed will often be just as cost effective as the standard range. Additionally, you will have the added benefit of designing something that suits YOU and dealing with locals you can trust.

It is important to remember the purpose for your new shed and the valuable possessions it may contain. A quality building designed by a trusted brand far outweighs the small saving you may make in some instances from purchasing a standard design.

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To discuss your specific needs with one of our friendly and experienced staff members, get in touch with us today on 03 5979 3677. We are always happy to have a chat about your requirements and how we can devise the ideal solution that best suits your needs.