Australian Made Steel

Why buy an Australian made BlueScope Steel shed?

When you decide to push the button and go ahead with the construction of a shed, garage, carport or pergola to suit your needs, there is always going to be a choice of whether to go Australian made or not. There can be a lot more to this decision than meets the eye. Melbourne Garages take pride in providing genuine BlueScope Steel Colorbond® for all our products, and with good reason.

Australian Standards

Colorbond® sheeting is manufactured and tested in Australia. BlueScope’s testing procedure is unique, in that it replicates the actual Australian conditions that the end product will have to endure, meaning longevity is not an issue. The steel is placed on “hot racks” – black insulated boxes which face north at 45 degrees to enable close simulation of the skin temperatures of real insulated roofs. Through recreating actual building applications, BlueScope’s testing exceeds Australian standards for steel building products, meaning your structure will stand the test of time and be a permanent, value adding addition to your property.

BlueScope Warranties

So long as your steel structure is installed and maintained to specification, BlueScope provide warranties on all their products. This means if there is a defect in the product itself over time, materials can be replaced, providing a peace of mind that is not present with many imported products. Many of these issues such as corrosion will not be present at the time of installation, meaning that purchasing a structure that is unwarranted can potentially have disastrous consequences down the track.

Local Product – Local Sourcing

The fact your BlueScope Steel structure is locally sourced and rolled means that if there is an instance where you require extra steel, it is easy to provide a like for like replacement. This is not possible with many imported products as the place of origin is not always clear, and when it is, turnaround can be a long drawn out process.

Support Australian Business

By purchasing Australian made products such as genuine BlueScope Steel Colorbond®, you are helping to support and foster Australian jobs. This has an on flow effect and helps keep Australian industry alive. Regardless of where you decide to purchase your structure from, it is important that it is made clear to you whether or not the product is locally sourced or imported from the get-go – if you are unsure, ask! Genuine BlueScope Steel can be identified by the “branding” depicted below.