Custom Sheds: A Guide to Designing Your Ideal Shed

Custom Shed garages

The freedom to customise your own shed is more than a luxury, as what use is a shed that doesn’t meet the exact requirements for which you need it or fit well with the layout of your property? When it comes to sheds, one size does not fit all. A design pulled from a catalogue is not likely to serve your precise needs, forcing you to compromise on certain elements. A custom design is the best way to ensure you have a shed that will serve you for years to come. 

Melbourne Garages is a trusted supplier of custom built sheds that are cost effective and specified to your needs. With the ability to customise all elements from size, style, colour and additional features, the options are endless. Here is a guide to help you narrow down the options and design your ideal shed.

1. Determine its use

When designing your shed, it’s important to identify all potential uses. They can be used for storage spaces, sheds as garages, studios, garden sheds, or even guest houses. Your shed may have multiple uses, with an area for storage and a space for a home gym. The purpose of your shed will be essential in determining every other element, from size to style. 

2. Determine the placement

When deciding the exact location of your shed, it is important to keep in mind the space you require to move items in or out of it. It shouldn’t be too near to other elements of the home as you may not have room to carry larger items around it, it should be on relatively flat ground, allow clearance and comply with council regulations. 

Melbourne Garages carries out a complete site assessment to determine the wind speed region, compliance with the Building Code of Australia, the terrain category, topography factor, and shielding factor to offer a ShedSafe accredited structure. 

3. Select the style

At Melbourne Garages, you can select from a range of shed styles including Gable Roofed, Skillion Roof, Flat Roof, American Barn style, Australian Barn, Skillion Barn or Quaker Barn. Style selection should be based on both aesthetic preference and functionality, with the shed’s purpose at front of mind. 

4. Work out the ideal size

Shed size will also come down to its intended use. It is recommended that you measure the items that will be kept inside it, and ensure enough space is left around them to walk through the area or fit additional items. For sheds as garages, ensure you don’t just leave enough room for the car, but to comfortably exit, walk around it or carry items to and from it. 

5. Determine the height

Shed height has a great impact on the feel of the space and its practicality. There should be enough room for clearance of the objects that will be kept in the space, so it is important to measure these and allow space for any potential fixtures on the ceiling. 

The average roller door height is around 2.1m. To comfortably allow for a door this height, recommended shed height is approximately 2.5m. 

6. Door and window placement

For most appropriate placement of doors, it is important to first consider the best placement for the objects that are going through the doors. If your shed space will be used as a garage, you may consider placing the door closer to one side to allow for maximum storage space along the other side. 

When it comes to window placement, it is recommended that you factor in where would offer the best view, and the best natural lighting or ventilation. South-facing windows tend to capture more sunlight throughout the day, but if you plan to use the space more in the morning or afternoon then east-facing windows or north-facing windows may be preferred. 

7. Select custom features

Depending on the purpose of your shed, you may choose to add a skylight, shelving solutions, lighting options, added insulation or air conditioning and more. These shed features can cater to your unique vision and enhance your shed space to suit your preferred functionality. 

8. Colour selection

Melbourne Garages offers Bluescope Steel and Colorbond sheds to ensure you have a range of high quality, lasting colours to select from with quality products so your shed looks sleek and new for as long as possible. When selecting your preferred colour, consider whether you want this to match or complement your property. 

Design Your Ideal Shed With Melbourne Garages

At Melbourne Garages, our expert team is able to create a custom build that is affordable and produce a structure that completely caters to your specific needs, no matter what your shed will be used for. Use our advanced Multibuild engineering program to design and view a model of your project with ease, including a floor plan, 3D images and the frame structure.

Your design will take into account every element to ensure smooth functioning and an aesthetic look, with our team guiding you every step of the way. Contact us to begin bringing your vision for your property to life and enquire about custom sheds today.