10 Creative Uses for Sheds in Melbourne Homes

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Traditionally, a shed is used as a storage space for anything that can’t be kept in the house. Sheds have operated as a space for the safekeeping of garden equipment, sports equipment, tools and other items generally needed for garden maintenance for quite some time. 

These days, with advancements in design capabilities, a shed can be used for just about anything you can think of. These additional spaces have become home extensions that can provide a living space, recreational facilities and more. With complete customisation of shed designs available, your imagination is truly the limit. 

To spark some inspiration, here are 10 ideas for creative uses for shed spaces.

1. Home office

With more and more people working remotely these days, why not transform this additional space into a workspace? Avoid distractions from family members by working in an area separate from the home, and deck it out exactly how you want for workflow efficiency. 

Insulation can offer a super comfortable and quiet place to work. Sheds can also be designed to allow lots of natural light into the space, which has been proven to improve productivity and create a great work environment. 

2. Art studio

If you’re an artist or craftsperson and need a space for your creative work or passion, a shed can be just the thing for you. Unleash your creativity in a space that is customised to suit your creative needs, and enjoy storage, work spaces and shelves that handle the practical elements to make it easy for you to focus on crafting. 

3. Music room

With the potential for acoustic optimisation, a shed can provide the perfect space to play or record music away from the main house. This is a great way to avoid sound pollution from others around the home — or to avoid them hearing the same tune over and over and over! 

4. Home gym

A shed can provide an excellent space to focus on health and fitness, with ample space to set up the necessary equipment. Proper ventilation and natural lighting can also create a serene and motivating workout environment. 

5. Kids playroom

For young children, this space can offer an exciting play area that is sheltered and ready for use year-round, no matter the weather. With insulation and more features to add comfort, children will want to play here all day. 

6. Guesthouse

If you frequently entertain guests, a shed is an excellent option to provide a cosy, private guesthouse separate from the main house. This is able to be fitted with basic amenities like a bathroom or kitchenette to make the space truly self-sufficient. 

7. Workshop

For woodworkers, metalworkers or other creators who require a functional space to work on design projects, a shed can double as the ideal workshop area. You can enjoy a separate space to store and chip away at your creations that is personal and satisfies your needs.  

8. Entertainment

Sheds can act as the ideal entertainment space, decked out to host the best parties or gatherings. The area can be fitted with a sound system, seating, a mini-bar and more to create the perfect place to socialise. 

9. Meditation room

Insulation and appropriate lighting can turn a shed into a comfortable and relaxing place to meditate or undertake other mindful activities. You can enjoy peace and quiet in this area separate to the house for maximum serenity, and add any equipment or mats, pillows and more with organised storage spaces for all mindful materials. 

10 Home library

For book lovers, this can provide a cosy, private space for a home library. Store all your books with built-in bookshelves and create the ideal seating and setup to optimise reading ambiance. Curl up with your favourite book and a tea in this peaceful area, or host book clubs, tell children’s stories or invite friends to read together. 

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