10 Tips to Maximise Storage in a Double Garage

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Does your double garage have enough space? Or are you like many of us, using your double garage as storage with your cars parked outside? Leaving your cars parked outside the shelter of your garage not only means they’re in the elements — it’s easier to break into your cars and steal them. 

Organising a two-car garage not only provides you with more storage space, but you’ll be able to park your cars inside. Read on to find out how to maximise storage in a double garage.

1. Get rid of surplus items

The first step to organising your garage is to get rid of items you no longer use. The best way to do this is to empty the entire contents of your garage into the back garden or driveway. As you sort through your items, make a pile for donate, take to recycle centre, or to sell. Once you’ve worked out what you’d like to keep, you can start to think about storage options.

2. Clean the garage

Once the garage is empty, it’s time to give it a good sweep and pressure spray. Get rid of cobwebs and dust and if you’ve the walls have seen better days, consider giving them a lick of paint.

3. Turn the ceiling into storage space

Installing overhead storage is a simple way to tuck things away that are seasonal. Picnic coolers, umbrellas, holiday decorations and boogie boards can be stored in mounted overhead storage racks. Available in various shapes and sizes, overhead storage is ideal to get things off the ground.

4. Line rubbish bins against the wall

With so many council rubbish bins to use, it’s important to keep them in an area with easy access. A simple solution is to have a designated area near the garage door that will fit your recycling, general rubbish, green, and glass recycling bins. 

5. Use the garage walls for storage

Installing shelves alongside your garage walls is a quick and easy way to increase your storage space while ensuring your cars have enough room. Choose industrial style shelves that will accommodate heavy and lighter items. Store paint tins on the lower shelves and lighter objects up higher.

6. Storing cleaning and gardening products

When it comes to storing cleaning and gardening items, it’s important to consider if children or pets will be able to access them. Cleaning and gardening sprays, potting mixes and insect sprays have the potential to harm if they’re misused or misplaced. Consider placing these items in a locked cupboard.

7. Use heavy-duty hooks to get organised

Hooks are an ideal way to keep your items organised and off the floor. From brooms and mops to sports equipment. When installing hooks, make sure the item hanging off them will clear the floorspace. 

8. Pick storage with a dual purpose

If your double garage has enough space, it’s a great idea to have a bench or a chair where you can sit and take off muddy gardening boots. And if you’re after more storage, find a bench that has under seat storage where you can store boots, gloves, and safety glasses away from spiders and other insects.

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