Should I be an Owner Builder?

requirements as an Owner Builder

When considering constructing a new shed, carport or patio, one of the most important decisions you will make (after first designing your custom structure and deciding how to best cater for your individual requirements) is whether to tackle the project yourself, or appoint a registered builder to take care of the process for you.

What are my requirements as an Owner Builder?

The feedback we receive from clients often suggests that many don’t consider the construction process and often feel daunted by the prospect of coordinating and scheduling their own construction work. Plus, the government mandated requirement of applying to be an owner builder through the VBA if your total project cost of works exceeds $16,000 often serves as a barrier to entry for many individuals looking to tackle the project on their own.

The total cost of work includes the market rates for foundations, material and construction. When this cost exceeds $16,000, the title holder needs to complete an application with the VBA. The process of becoming an owner builder states:

  1. You must obtain/possess a current valid Victorian White Card
  2. You must complete an online assessment
  3. You must complete all relevant application forms

When these three items are complete and submitted to the VBA, you will then be granted a certificate of consent, which forms part of the documentation required for your building permit to be issued. It’s therefore compulsory for you to outline that the project is over $16,000. Furthermore, if you decide to sell the land that your newly constructed shed, carport or pergola is on within 6 ½ years of completion, depending on the cost of the project, you will also be required to provide:

  1. If the total project cost was under $16,000 – A building report prior to sale
  2. If the total project cost was over $16,000 – A building report and owner builder’s “Home Warranty Insurance” for the remainder of the 6 ½ year period

Whether you go Owner Builder, or Registered Builder, we can help

Aside from these legislative requirements, the coordination process and schedule of trades is quite simple. At Melbourne Garages, regardless of whether you go Owner Builder (Our Gold Option) or Registered Builder (Our Platinum Option), we can help you complete both building permits and planning permits, as well as help determine what is required in the first place. Dealing with council and building surveyors can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially if you’re not sure what they require. Because Melbourne Garages have extensive experience in doing this, we can streamline the process and deliver a timelier outcome, regardless of which building option you choose.

As an Owner Builder, the main difference is that you coordinate foundations/installation of the structure and liaise with subcontractors directly. Melbourne Garages are only a phone call away should you need any help; however, the onus of responsibility is ultimately on yourself. As a trade-off, should you have family or friends in trades that could help you complete the work for cheaper, you could utilise their skills, or alternatively Melbourne Garages has a comprehensive list of tradespeople that are well versed in construction and installation of our products.

If you want Melbourne Garages to take care of the whole project from start to finish, we highly recommend utilising our Platinum Registered Builder service. After the initial quote, we conduct a site inspection to determine any outlying costs or issues that may crop up in future and make allowances in a revised quote to make sure you are aware of all cost, potential issues and timelines upfront before going ahead.

Regardless of which construction method you choose, Melbourne Garages are always happy to assist. Give us a call today on 5979 3677 and get the ball rolling on your dream shed, carport or patio!