When a Shed is Not Just a Shed

When we think of sheds, we think of an extra storage space that is usually filled with gardening supplies, tools, Christmas decorations and anything else you simply couldn’t find the space for in the home. However, the humble shed could be so much more than a dumping ground for things you only need every so often.

A shed has the potential to really add to the atmosphere and fun of your home, with many options to transform it to suit your needs. More than just storage, it can become a functional section of your space that can add significant value to your property whilst also adding value for your family when in use. Below are some ideas on what you can achieve with your shed to get you inspired.

Personal Art Studio

Like to get creative? Set up the easel and create your very own art studio. Have a beautiful garden? Set yourself up with the perfect view from inside and get inspired to create another stunning artwork.

Reading Corner

Retreat to a quiet oasis and immerse yourself in the world of your latest book. This is a great option for all members of the family and you can set up a little corner with cushions for the kids and a bookcase and cosy chair for the adults.

Gym, Yoga or Pilates Room

Looking to get fit but hate the environment at the local gym or simply need to be able to do it when it fits in with your busy schedule? Create the ideal workout space at home. Complete it with your own weights or create a soothing space for Yoga or Pilates – the choice is yours.

Game Room for the Kids

Limit the chaos to just one room and create a play room for your kids. This is great for all ages and you can get as creative as you like. Build a blackboard wall, let the kids paint their own murals, come up with creative storage ideas to make the space bright and colourful while being free from clutter.

Movie Theatre

Enjoy the latest releases from the comfort of your year-round movie theatre. Forget about overpriced snacks and seats with gum stuck to them, throw some beanbags and a great TV in your shed and watch movies the right way. This is going to be a hit with the whole family, from sleepovers for the kids to a quiet date night for the adults.