SOL® Home Improvements are our premium veranda, patio and carport offerings. The frame of these structures use powder coated box beam material in your choice of COLORBOND® colours. This means they can withstand the toughest conditions and never need painting.

There are a number of options for the roof material, including insulated panels for the ultimate in year round entertaining. Alternatively we offer the popular Stramit Sunset® Patio Panel roofing, which is available in a selection of high gloss COLORBOND® colours to the underside, providing a flat, aesthetically appealing finish. Also available are traditional Stramit® Corrugated and Stramit Monoclad® profiles. Attaching to an existing dwelling or structure is also something Melbourne Garages are experienced in.

We can design your SOL Verandah, Patio or Carport to any size or configuration, whether you are after a flat roof or a gable roof, a hip roof or a combination. All our structures are fully engineered and you can work with Melbourne Garages knowing we are licensed and registered builders.