Mother’s Day: 6 Ways to Transform a Garage into a Gift

garage shed

Mother’s Day is coming up and on this special occasion it is a time to show love and appreciation for the person that brought you into this world. The usual gifts of flowers, candles or perfume can be great, but if you are wanting to make a creative gesture to show your love and appreciation it may be time for something different. 

For something more original, why not find a way to transform a garage into a gift? Here are 6 ways that you could use a garage shed as the perfect present to show your mum that you care. 

1. Invest in a new space

Is your home in need of an additional, versatile area? If your mother doesn’t already have a garage in her home, a new space for storage of items that don’t belong in or fit in the main home, as well as for protection of any valuable vehicles, can be an excellent investment. Don’t forget that a garage can also be used as a home office, an art studio, music room and more!

2. Makeover the garage

If there’s a garage in the home already, why not give it a makeover to provide an area that your mum will really appreciate? Renovate or revamp the garage space to improve functionality and storage, and even create the perfect place to store supplies for activities your mum enjoys or the ideal place to carry out these activities. A trip to IKEA could be useful to find the ideal storage compartments and shelves that could truly lift the space. 

3. Create a space that’s hers

This is an excellent option to show your mother that you care by transforming the extra home space into a room that is just for her. This can be a place for mindfulness and relaxation or a place to enjoy hobbies. Clear out the room and refurnish with items that you know will make her happy. 

4. Set up a garage gym

For active mums, this is a great way to repurpose the space and create an area for her to work out and undertake her preferred exercises. Clear out the area and move in a treadmill, an exercise bike, some weights and other equipment to make the dream one-stop fitness space for your lovely mother. 

5. Host a workshop

Clear out the garage and host a one-off workshop for your mum to try out a fun new activity. This could be a dance class, art class, or anything else that you think your mum would love to learn and that the whole family can take part in! Take some time to choose your activity, prepare to facilitate it and set up the space. 

6. Family gallery

For a sentimental touch, turn the garage space into a gallery that showcases family photos or photos from her life all along the walls. Allow her to walk through time and remember all the happy moments, or even set up a projector with a slide show. 

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