Modern Barns: A Guide to the Trend of Barn Conversions

Modern Barns

Merging contemporary and traditional with barn-style homes is becoming increasingly popular, from new builds that weave in barn-style features to the conversion of existing barns into unique living spaces.

Learn more about barn conversion and barndominiums, including the benefits of this style of home and how to go about your own conversion. 

What Is A Barn Conversion?

The actual definition in the Collins English Dictionary of barn conversion states it is “the adaptation of a farm barn into a building serving a different use, such as a house or commercial premises”. It is also described as “a building, previously used as a farm barn, that has been adapted into a house, commercial premises, etc.”. 

Barn conversions originated more than a century ago, in days where limited materials meant it was desirable to reuse existing buildings where possible. While this became less popular due to a shortage of desirable buildings and difficulty obtaining permission for conversion builds, it is now easier to gain permits for this style of building. 

Another word for these structures that are converted from barns into other living spaces is barndominium, which combines barn and condominium. 

7 Benefits Of Barndominiums

1. A unique structure

These structures carry ample charm and character, retaining the rustic atmosphere of exposed beams, high ceilings, and large open spaces. This creates a distinctive and extremely appealing living environment that will bring joy to your everyday life and impress guests. 

2. Versatile and adaptable

As these spaces are completely customisable, they are adaptable and able to suit a variety of needs. Whether you are after a family home, units, mixed-use spaces and more, a barndo could be an excellent choice for your needs. 

3. Integration of traditional and modern features

The striking mix of traditional and modern features is like no other, offering a beauty that transcends time and the ever-changing fashions. There is a transformative power in designs such as this, offering a captivating aesthetic and character that can be customised to reflect your own personality. 

4. High ceilings and spacious open floor plan

The spacious design of a barn can offer a flexible area with ample room for customisation. The open floor plan provides a stunning canvas on which to carry out your vision for the space, as well as offering aesthetic appeal. 

5. Easy construction on existing structures

As a barn offers an existing framework for construction, this can make the renovation process easier than a project that is started from the ground up. Even if you are beginning with a new barn structure, compared to a traditional home this will be a quicker build. Metal pole barns can be put up in a matter of weeks, compared to the months or years it takes to build a traditional house. 

6. Budget-friendly 

Ease of construction also generally equates to a lower cost, with less time and money spent on the build process. While barn spaces have a large square footage, the price per square foot is generally lower for a barn than a traditional home. They can equate to sometimes half the price of a home, depending on the materials and other elements. 

7. Sustainable and energy-efficient 

In barn structures, thick walls and sturdiness can promote temperature regulation to reduce dependence on heating and cooling. With additional insulation and modern upgrades, these can be energy-efficient homes that sustainably reuse an existing building. 


14 Steps To Convert A Barn Into A Home 

When planning to undertake your own barn conversion, the following steps can serve as a guide. 

  1. Determine your vision and budget.
  2. If building a new barn, discuss your vision with Melbourne Garages.
  3. If working with an existing barn, assess its condition.
  4. Create the floor plan.
  5. Arrange insulation and weatherproofing. 
  6. Arrange plumbing and electrical work.
  7. Make modifications.
  8. Heating and cooling.
  9. Select appropriate materials.
  10. Add windows and doors.
  11. Install kitchen and bathrooms.
  12. Connect utilities.
  13. Install safety measures.
  14. Confirm compliance.


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