Do I Need A Permit For My Shed, Garage, Carport, Veranda Or Patio?



In Victoria there are two main types of permits you may require if planning on building a Shed, Garage, Carport, Veranda or Patio at your property; these are a building permit and a planning permit. We explain each in more detail below:


A Building Permit

In most cases, a building permit will be required from a building surveyor. A building surveyor will review your building documentation closely before issuing a permit. The documentation required typically includes the engineering of the structure and the site plan, showing the buildings location.

A class 10a building (shed, garage, carport, veranda or patio) can only be constructed without a building permit if it has a floor area under 10m2 and is no more than 3m high (or no more than 2.4m high within 1m of the boundary of your property).

Here at Melbourne Garages, we can assist you with your building permit application as part of your purchasing process. Whether you are applying as an owner builder, or using us as your licensed builders, please contact us to discuss further.



A Planning Permit

The requirement of a planning permit is more dependent on the site itself. The specific planning zone can flag the need for a planning permit, or if there are any planning overlays listed on the property.

Sometimes a planning permit can be avoided if certain requirements are met. These can range from having the shed, garage, carport, veranda or patio under a certain size, a certain distance from the boundary of your property, and even having it a particular colour.

While planning permits can be a great source of frustration, Melbourne Garages can assist you with the planning permit process to help you through the process. We can apply for a permit on your behalf and help by providing contacts for arborist reports, land surveyors and more if your council request them.

There are a number of additional permits that may be required to obtain permission to build. Depending on where it is located on your property and the size of the structure, these can include Report and Consent (Dispensation) permit from council, Build-Over Easement permits from council and permission from water authorities.

Gaining approval for such permits can take time, which will impact how soon you get your new shed, garage, carport, verandah or patio. Contact Melbourne Garages to discuss what permits you will require, we can then give you an idea of the timeframe and a quote on the total cost to complete your project.