Cladding Options

One of the most common questions that we get when designing a new shed structure for a client is “what cladding options do you have?”

Steel cladding, whether it is locally supplied or imported can be confusing. This is due to cladding profiles offered by different suppliers sometimes having different names even though they may look very similar or even exactly alike. The differences might be so minute you might not notice, but when trying to match an existing structure or going for a specific look, it is important to get the cladding type right. Everything we provide at Melbourne Garages is genuine Australian made BlueScope Steel Colorbond or Zincalume.
There are four main cladding types which our structures are engineered for and they are all available in standard Colorbond® colours.


Stramit K-Panel

K-Panel is our most cost-effective and popular cladding type. It has a broad 864mm cover and a low profile (12mm) rib. K Panel is available for wall cladding and is quick and simple to install. You will find this in many backyards. Its reserved profile means it is fantastic for blending in buildings and giving them a more domesticated look as opposed to something like corrugated for example.


Stramit Monoclad

Monoclad is typically used for larger structures, such as industrial sheds. It has a 762mm cover with a higher profile (29mm) rib. Monoclad is available for both wall and roof cladding, the main benefit of a Monoclad roof is that it can be dropped to a 2-degree pitch instead of a standard 5 degrees.


Stramit Corrugated

Corrugated is very popular for larger structures, however, can be utilized anywhere due to its lightweight and easy to handle profile. It has a 762mm cover with a 16mm corrugation. Corrugated steel is our standard choice for roofing and can be also utilized for wall cladding. When utilising corrugated walls, we offer the option of either horizontal or vertical corrugations. This can alter the look of your structure more than you may think, either by going vertical (traditional) or horizontal for a contemporary beachside look. When using horizontal corrugated steel (or any horizontal cladding), there are additional batons required to allow the cladding to be installed correctly.


Lysaght Steel Weatherboard

Lysaght Steel Weatherboard is a great option for those who like its traditional styling and others who want to match their new garage to their existing weatherboard house or outbuildings. It is manufactured from Colorbond steel and rolled into its unique profile by Lysaght Building Products. Steel weatherboard has a 260mm cover and is supplied to custom cut lengths with a joiner flashing in-between if lengths exceed the maximum. The cladding is installed via a unique clip lock system ensuring a seamless look.