Versatile, Undercover Farm Solutions

With the rain having finally hit, and daylight savings coming to an end, it’s really starting to feel like Autumn – which means it’s time to get your undercover storage sorted!
We can build farm sheds to just about any size and style, with many options for open or closed bays to provide versatility in storing your hay and machinery over the wet Winter months.

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Love is all around!

Love your caravan? Your boat? Or maybe your car is your pride and joy?
Why not spoil them this Valentine’s Day with a safe, secure and sheltered shed! We can design to just about any shape or size to keep your beloved clean, dry and in pristine condition. Give us a call on 5979 3677 to run through options with a no obligation, free quote.IMG_7353

Style and Function

20161223_101430 This striking shed has been finished in horizontal corrugated Colorbond Steel, in Surfmist and Dune for a stylish and modern finish. At 7x 9m with 2m lean-to and a 30 degree roof pitch, it’s an excellent example of how playing with cladding styles and window sizes can create a truly unique looking shed.

This shed features roller doors, personal access doors and glass sliding doors to ensure easy access for both personal entry and vehicular access.

A mezzanine floor has been added for additional storage room, with the high set window providing abundant natural light in the upstairs section.

This stylish shed is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional.


Creating the Ultimate Man Cave Shed for You

It’s that one thing that pretty much every man dreams of: to one day have their own man cave. That little nook they can retreat to after a long day’s work, where they can just block out the world and indulge in their choice of leisure.

Now, that dream can easily be turned into a reality with just a few tricks of the trade. No matter what your interests or hobbies are, whether you’re after a space to do your own thing or one to share with mates, you can build the manliest man cave to suit your tastes with a savvy custom design shed.

For the gamer
Create your very own gaming zone with a shed fit for the techiest of tech-heads. Here, it’s all about creating a dark and reclusive environment, so we suggest eliminating windows, installing insulation and installing lockable doors for less lighting and security. Internet and electrical connections will also be a must to maintain that extensive gaming library of yours (and to keep the bar fridge running, of course). Finish it all off with some uber-comfortable couches and splashes of sharp interior colours.

For the handyman
When creating a home workshop, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Letting that natural light pour in is essential when working with tools (lest you mistake your finger for a nail while wielding the hammer), so be gracious with skylights and windows in the design of your shed. Furthermore, the whole idea of a handyman’s workshop is to totally immerse yourself in those DIY projects, so why not add a personal access doors to really make this place your own private abode.

For the lad’s lad
If you’re the kind of guy who loves a beer over a footy game with a few good mates, a man cave shed is essential. For the ultimate boys’ den, you have the choice of inserting internal dividing walls to break up your space: use these nifty additions to designate the bar area, the games area, and the TV area. Furnish the space with a wide-screen plasma, a dartboard, a poker table and of course, a large fridge to host the all-essentials. Extra points for an attached verandah to house the barbie.

For the die-hard car enthusiast
Turn things up a notch and kick into high-luxury gear with a space to store all your motor vehicle artefacts. Here, you’re obviously going to need lots of space, so a multi-door garage is going to be your best bet. Add windows for light and insulation to maintain your pride and joy, and perhaps choose a glass sliding door – a fitting entrance for your car enthusiast friends. Complete your shed by opting for high-grade wall cladding such as Colorbond Steel Weatherboard to give your prized possessions the protection they deserve.

For the bookworm
The idea of a personal library is any literature-lover’s dream, so why not allow yourself to fall deeply into a book by creating your own leather-bound man cave shed. Here, you can class it up a bit with big, plush armchairs, standing lamps and mahogany side tables, while foregoing one of your walls to create an inexpensive bookshelf out of a few boards. Make sure you choose to have your shed insulated to keep you toasty during those indulgent late-night readings.