Carports Vs. Garages: The Ideal Vehicle Protection Option

double carport

When it comes to your precious vehicle, you surely want to make it last as long as possible and continue utilising it for many years to come. Carports and garages are some of the best structures to make sure your car is kept in good condition, sheltered from the weather and safe from damage and theft. 

While both are great vehicle protection options, one might be a more suitable option for your specific requirements. Learn more about the differences between them to guide your decision and ensure you select the most suitable alternative. 

Importance Of Sheltering Your Vehicle

Sheltering your vehicle can offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Protection against the elements that avoids damage to the vehicle exterior.
  • Damage from debris.
  • Security against theft and vandalism. 
  • Additional comfort for yourself as you aren’t exposed to the elements when entering and exiting the vehicle. 

To maintain the value of your vehicle for as long as possible, investing in a form of shelter is essential. 

Battle Of The Designs

A carport is a structure that is open in its design, typically consisting of a roof that is supported by posts. These can be attached to a building, or stand independently. At Melbourne Garages, they are available in a range of roof styles including the Flat roof carport, Dutch gable roof and Skillion roof. 

A garage, on the other hand, is a fully enclosed design with solid walls, creating more of a secure space. Compared to a port, this structure is durable and secure, acting as a protective vehicle storage environment that is long-lasting and adds value to your property for years to come. Garages are also more versatile, and can offer a range of uses including storage space, a living space or a studio. 

Battle Of The Build

Steel carports are relatively easy to erect. No council approval is required before building, or approval will be received quickly if necessary, and they are inexpensive to build. 

Garages are more difficult to build, with professional assistance required that also means they cost more. There are more stringent regulations around these which also add to the build process as approvals are required. When built, however, they are more durable and secure structures. 

The Most Suitable Option For You

Ultimately, if you would like a simpler, more affordable form of vehicle protection that enhances longevity while also being quick to build, the range of carport designs may better suit your needs. 

Particularly if you have a valuable vehicle or live in an area that is heavily affected by weather, the additional protection that a garage offers may be more suitable for you. This can also be the right choice if you are in need of additional storage space or are looking to add value to your home. 

More Tips For Vehicle Longevity

To ensure your car maintains its value for as long as possible, and to avoid costly concerns later down the track, here are some additional methods to exercise car care.

  1. Wash your car regularly to protect damage to the vehicle exterior and ensure visibility while on the road.
  2. To avoid damaging UV exposure, always park in the shade.
  3. Check your engine oil once a month to avoid vehicle damage.
  4. Check tyre pressure every month for safety, as well as to reduce fuel consumption.
  5. Examine vehicle lights regularly. It is recommended this is checked daily before driving.
  6. Inspect your car battery twice per year.
  7. Change windscreen wipers once a year, as explains Ford.

Protect Your Vehicle With Melbourne Garages 

Melbourne Garages has been an industry leader in carport and garage manufacturing on the Mornington Peninsula and across Melbourne for over 14 years. Our designs are made from reliable Colorbond steel and ShedSafe accredited for guaranteed high quality

For custom-made, fully tailored structures that are designed to suit your property and made to last, contact us today.